Nozzles - For Industrial High Pressure (1000 PSI) Humidification Systems - Information & Specifications

High Pressure Stainless Steel
Nozzles With Synthetic Mineral
"Ruby Orifice" Inserts Description - Operation - Features

The ACE Nozzle performs the most critical function of a high pressure system by converting 1000 psi water into an atomized state of ultra fine, micron sized water particles that evaporate quickly and completely.

Nozzles are constructed out of corrosion resistant stainless steel and are engineered into three basic parts: the nozzle cap, the 300 psi Spring Assembly, and the Anti-Drip Body Housing. Each part has a Viton O-ring or seat which allows all parts to be finger tightened with uniform 20% compression. This provides high wear resistance as well as prevents leaking.

The Three Sections of the ACE High Pressure Nozzle - Description and Features

  1. The Nozzle Cap houses the insert made of synthetic ruby which is the most recent technology innovation to long term low maintenance nozzle design and precision atomization. The insert's inner orifice surface is laser bored and so smooth that nothing can stick to the surface. In comparison, the microscopic surface of an all metal inner orifice surface will reveal fine etchings or scratch marks made by the drilling. These etchings on the metal surface will become the nucleation points which dissolved minerals will attach to in the form of solid crystals. Eventually, the solid crystals will form into microscopic scale that blocks the orifice and causes erratically formed moisture plumes and drips.

    Customers have found the repeatable and more accurate performance of the ruby insert nozzle to be superior to competitive nozzles - including competitive ceramic insert nozzles!

    The synthetic mineral insert is the most important innovation of high pressure nozzles in recent years.
  2. The 300 PSI Spring Assembly is the control pressure point which allows the nozzle to open and shut. This is the key to precision atomization at start up and shut off. Pressure within the spring assembly must reach 300 psi to allow for a very clean initial burst of moisture with the finest micron sized particles for complete and quick evaporation. Any nozzle that opens at 300 psi provides the greatest control over particle size variations. The ACE nozzle is engineered for a maximum of 45 microns with average particle size in the 15-25 micron range. During ACE Humidity Control System shutoff, the system depressurizes to under 300 psi and the nozzle abruptly closes at just under 300 psi to again maintain consistent particle size.
  3. The Anti-Drip Body Housing composes the body of the nozzle proper and functions to interface between the water supply source (nozzle wand or mist ring) and the nozzle cap. When all three parts of the nozzle are attached together, the nozzle is then threaded into the supply source as the Viton O-ring is the final seal which prevents moisture leaks even at very high pressure. All attachments and adjustments are finger tight only.

ACE nozzles are sized for moisture output: 4 lbs/hr, 6 lbs/hr and 9 lbs/hr. Generally, ceiling heights are the determining factor controlling the size of nozzle we would recommend on a project application.

For a stainless steel pipe system, nozzles are attached to wand extenders. For Fan-Based applications, nozzles are attached directly to misting rings.

ACE nozzles should last a minimum of 5-8 years with the appropriate water treatment and routine maintenance. Depending upon application, proper water treatment ranges from softened water to Reverse Osmosis equivalent water quality pre-treatment.