EvapHum - Evaporative Humidification for Induct Applications - Information & Specifications

EvapHum: Evaporative Humidification Description - Operation - Features

Evaporative Humidification (EvapHum aka HumEvap) is an adiabatic system which uses the heat energy of the air to provide the phase change from liquid (water state) to a gas (water vapor / evaporated state). The phase change occurs where water is evaporated off of the media and introduced into the air stream in a vapor state.

The Principle of Operation is by passing filtered air through a wetted matrix providing a simple and safe way to humidify with very low running costs. At the heart of the EvapHum is the evaporative module. Water is supplied to the top of a highly efficient bonded matrix, which is impregnated with silver for added hygiene. Dry air passes through this moist material picking up water vapor, raising the humidity as it does so. This process consumes very little energy.

The water that doesn't evaporate assists in washing the matrix material and flows into a stainless steel tank at the base of the unit before being re-circulated up onto the matrix again.

As each modular vertical matrix bank has its own water supply, multi-stage control is an option which individually operates sections of the system for closer control.

The Management System is a microprocessor control system located outside the AHU. The system gives digital control over desired relative humidity or temperature levels, flush, drain and other water quality maintenance features. The system can be timer controlled to activate only during hours of building occupancy. Comprehensive real-time feedback shows current relative humidity and temperature, demand, hours run, system operating status and whether maintenance is required. The whole system is easy to set up and is security code protected to prevent unauthorized alteration of system settings. The panel is very compact at just 12" Wide x 9 1/2" High x 5 1/2" Deep.

The evaporative matrix consists of modular cassettes with low pressure drop which are available in a range of sizes and efficiencies. The evaporative module is constructed from recyclable high grade stainless steel. The module has an integrated drain and overflow connection which is reversible and simplifies drain plumbing.

An electrical junction box, with pre-wired single flying lead for connection to the management system is included in the EvapHum system to simplify installation. Water flow and level in the system are controlled by a fill control solenoid, float valve and low/high level float switch, and drain flow is controlled by a motorized valve. Water is recirculated over the matrix by a high grade circulating pump.

The EvapHum is supplied with an anti-bacterial silver impregnated cartridge and 5 micron sediment filter.