CustomMist - Customized Specialty High Pressure Humidity Control Systems - Information & Specifications

CustomMist Humidity Control System Description — Operation — Features

CustomMist is a general category title for all customized High Pressure (1000 psi) Humidity Control Systems which packages the ACE proprietary nozzle on robotically welded stainless steel manifolded arrays. This design approach integrates our adiabatic humidifier to be used in a central (ducted) system applications such as air handling units, supply duct registers, or air rotation units.

For Air Handling Systems, CustomMist utilizes a large number of small capacity nozzles to blanket the entire cross section of the air handler or discharge side of an air rotation unit. Nozzle sizes range from 2.5 lbs/hr. to 9 lbs/hr. depending on application and required evaporation distance. Typically in an air handler application, an evaporative surface ends the humidification section taking the form of a mist eliminator or cooling coil.

Control options range from single or dual stage control (typically found on discharges of air rotation units) to more complex control systems capable of 15:1 to 125:1 turndown ratios required for precision control in air handler applications.

Design Benefits and Operational Features

  • Heavy Duty Pump Station Either heavy duty belt driven pump or variable frequency drive (VFD) equipped pump provided to maintain years of service with minimal maintenance.
  • Sequenced Control Turndown ratios up to 125:1 coupled with "Dual Proportional" Control to insure tight control can be maintained for critical applications.
  • Drip Free Operation - 300 psi nozzle shut-off pressure requirements insure energy is available to atomize before water begins to spray. On shut-down, a three way stage valve immediately relieves pressure. These two features provide drip-free starts and stops.
  • 300 Series Stainless Steel Pipe and Fittings - Pre- fabricated high quality 3/8" and 1/2" rigid tubing featuring computerized robotic welding process for consistent welds. Fittings are double ferruled high pressure compression fittings that provide the integrity and durability necessary for long term low maintenance performance. All components rated for up to 3000 psi.
  • Synthetic Mineral "Ruby Orifice" Insert Nozzles - AKA Ceramic Insert stainless steel high pressure nozzles are standard in all systems. This nozzle offers precision misting with no-drip no-leak performance. The accurate smooth bore of the "Ruby Orifice" Insert is key to unmatched long life and repeatable performance. Nozzles and proper water treatment are the critical keys to effective and long term low maintenance.
  • Two Year Warranty - on System Parts and Components. All system maintenance reduced to ten minutes per month.