360Mist - 360° Horizontal Misting High Pressure (1000 PSI) Humidity Control Systems - Information & Specifications

360° Horizontal Misting
360Mist & 360Mist.mini
Humidity Control Systems Description - Operation - Features

360° horizontal misting combines lower velocity air to further shear 1000 psi atomized moisture for quick and complete evaporation above all equipment and workspace - with moisture equalizing rapidly within all available air space (Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure).

ACE provides two models of 360° horizontal misting:

  1. 360Mist - a ten nozzle misting ring on a 24" diameter ceiling hung 2100 cfm 1/4 hp fan outputting 40, 60, or 90 lbs/hr. Air flows radially through the unit - intake air above the unit is pulled downward in an axial flow pattern by the fan toward the deflector plate. The air movement is converted into a horizontal flow to the nozzles to help shear and push the mist outward with all moisture evaporating within 10' from each nozzle.
  2. 360Mist.mini - four nozzles on a 6" diameter ceiling hung 600 cfm 1/25 hp fan outputting 16, 24, or 36 lbs/hr. The 360Mist.mini unit operates by radial air flow - the fan draws air from the bottom blowing out horizontally lifting and accelerating atomized moisture fully evaporated within 10' from each nozzle.

Each 360° horizontal misting system operates automatically, controlled from a centrally located zone humidistat sensor which stores your desired relative humidity "set-point" and monitors the air % of relative humidity (RH). As humidity levels move below 2% of set-point, a "call for humidity" is sent via low voltage line to the pump station and 1000 psi water is sent to all fans in a zone. The pump and misting fans power on until set-point is reached and then the entire system powers off. A typical system powers on and off for about ten minutes on average at fifteen minute intervals - 24/7 during the coldest months.

360Mist & 360Mist.mini
Design Benefits and Operational Features

  • Accelerated Evaporation - High Velocity air accelerates the evaporation of 1000 psi atomized water above all equipment and work space.
  • Flexible Ceiling Hung Fan Positioning - Nozzle moisture plumes are directed into available air space, generally over aisle ways and over open floor areas. Complete evaporation is within 10' from each nozzle.
  • Installer Friendly - System uses 3/8" flexible nylon high pressure tube (rated for 3500 psi) with slip-lok fittings for quick and easy installation. Changes in location of fans and line is an easy process in the event of future plant changes.
  • Synthetic Mineral "Ruby Orifice" Insert Nozzles - AKA Ceramic Insert stainless steel high pressure nozzles are standard in all systems. This nozzle offers precision misting with no-drip no-leak performance. The accurate smooth bore of the Ruby nozzle is key to unmatched long life and repeatable performance. Nozzles and proper water treatment are the critical keys to effective long term system low maintenance.
  • Simplified Maintenance & Two Year Warranty - Easy access to multiple nozzles at one time located on the mist ring. All system maintenance reduced to ten minutes per month. Two Year System Warranty.