Overview of ACE Industrial Humidification Systems

ACE Industrial Humidification Systems Design — Engineering — Application

ACE designs and engineers industrial humidity control systems to maintain your desired percentage of indoor relative humidity during winter manufacturing operations.

The following relative humidity (RH) guidelines are provided for Industrial sector categories in storage, production and manufacturing air space environments:

  • Woodworking - Wood Storage - Veneers Desired: 30-60% RH Control: preventing wood warping, bowing, shrinking, checking and glue joint problems.
  • Paper - Print - Publishing - Label Desired: 40-65% RH Control: preventing shrinkage, equipment miss-feeds and static electricity (ESD) below 40%.
  • Electronics - Hi Tech Desired: 40-60% RH Control: preventing permanent, latent or intermittent damage from static electricity.
  • Textiles – Leather Desired: 50-85% RH Control: preventing fibers from becoming fragile and breaking during all phases of storing, handling and machining operations.
  • Other Applications Painting, cold storage, pre-cooling, general HVAC, test labs, baking, aviaries & greenhouses.

The design and engineering for a new humidity control system begins by understanding your need for humidity control. Once your needs are outlined, we then gather the following three critical pieces of building data to calculate for the total load of lbs/hr moisture needed to maintain your desired standard for humidity control:

  1. Dimensions of area(s) to be humidified: length, width, & ceiling height (total cubic air space).
  2. CFM's of Make-Up and/or Exhaust Air. If you use HVAC systems for winter heat make-up air, we need to know total tons and if they run on economizer cycles.
  3. Your Desired Standard for Relative Humidity Control (e.g. 45% RH @ 72º F) during winter operations.

Each humidity control system is engineered to quickly and completely evaporate all moisture above your workspace. Moisture is evaporated using the heat energy of the air providing a phase change (adiabatic) from a liquid state to a gas vapor state. Evaporated moisture will rapidly fill and equalize within all available air space (Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure).

ACE Types of Humidity Control Systems:

  • High Pressure (1000 psi): 15-40 micron sized water particles atomized directly into air space:
    • Fan-Based High Pressure Atomizing System. Features flexible fan placement and “installer friendly” flexible high pressure tube with slip-lok fittings. Multiple nozzles are combined with air velocity for accelerated evaporation.
    • Direct-Space and Induct high pressure atomizing system. Features individual nozzles mounted to stainless steel pipe.
  • Evaporative Humidification for induct evaporative humidification applications. Features evaporated moisture from a media source.
  • Steam Humidification (Electric, Gas Fired, Steam-To-Steam).

Note: All Humidity Control Systems and Parts are covered with the ACE Two Year Warranty.