CAMCORP - Unique Design & Engineering Approach for Dust Collection and Pneumatic Conveying

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CAMCORP Air Pollution Control Systems

CAMCORP Air Pollution Control Systems
Pulse Jet Baghouse Collectors

Engineered to meet your exact dust collection requirements. The pulse jet baghouse collectors are available in styles ranging from bottom, top and walk-in plenum bag loading with a variety of inlet configurations. CAMCORP can manufacture highly specialized units including high pressure / high vacuum and explosion containment design.

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Reverse Air Round Baghouse Collectors

CAMCORP's reverse air filter systems require NO plant compressed air and is offered in two styles. The SWF utilizes a pressure blower to generate a low pressure bag cleaning reverse air. The HVP utilizes a positive displacement pump to generate the bag cleaning pulse air. We can customize the collector to your specific application requirements.

CAMCORP CAM-AIRO & Cartridge Series

CAMCORP CAM-AIRO & Cartridge Series
Vertical Cartridge Style Dust Collectors

Uniquely engineered vertical configuration optimizes filter cleaning; available in 4 to 120+ cartridge filters with automatic reverse-pulse filter cleaning, various hopper and inlet configurations, with or without system fan, and numerous accessories for specific application requirements.

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